This Is Parallels 015 with Emerge

Having just released his debut single on Parallels, “It’s Over”, Seattle based producer Emerge brings his perspective of Progressive Trance to this episode of “This Is Parallels”. Emerge has been supported by the likes of Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate and many more. Blending dark, and moody progressive sounds with melodic trance elements, Emerge takes you from the deep end of the spectrum to wavering hights.

This Is Parallels 015 with Emerge

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Parallels: Tell us, what’s new?
Emerge: Lots of new music in the pipeline that I am very excited about. Also, just became the social media manager for Parallels so it feels great to be on board!

Parallels: Which has been your favorite venue to play so far and why?
Emerge: Right now it’s The Underground here in Seattle. The vibe there is amazing and the people go for the music. The fans trust the journey you are selecting for them. It’s unreal.

Parallels: If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Emerge: Right now I am looking forward to any an all gigs, but if I had to choose I would love to check out the scene in Amsterdam.

Parallels: Outside of electronic music, which other genres or artist do you find inspiring at the moment?
Emerge: I listen to a lot of music outside of electronic. My favorite band is Radiohead. If it is different and super creative I will give it a solid listen.

Parallels: Everyone has their own view and process in dealing with writer’s block, how do you see and/or deal with it?
Emerge: I embrace it. I work through it even if it sucks. When you make a breakthrough you are so much stronger and have developed discipline.

Parallels: What has been an event that has defined (or re-defined) your personal direction in music.
Emerge: This is a great question. Most of 2017 I was producing a very trance 2.0 sound. I was messing around with different ideas for fun but nothing serious. Then I was asked to open up for the Anjunabeats Worldwide night in Seattle along with Spencer Brown, Ferplay, and Grum. The set I played and the night that followed changed everything for me. Then seeing Yotto at ABGT 250 I knew I could never turn back. Since then I’ve been trying to do everything differently.

Parallels: What can we look forward to seeing in the near future from you?
Emerge: I just released a new single on Parallels called “It’s Over”, following that a track that was featured on the FSOE 500 compilation titled “Whisper” that will be releasing soon. Currently working on an EP as well. Lots to look forward too!

Parallels: Thanks for your time! Any last words you would like to share with the audience?
Emerge: Stay positive and continue to cultivate a scene grounded in the love of music!


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