This Is Parallels 006 with Dave Neven

Fans of darker progressive trance should be extremely familiar with the awesome talent that is Dave Neven. One of Coldharbour’s heavy hitters, Neven has created some of the most memorable anthems in the imprint’s catalog. Be it original anthems like Drifter and Breathing Again, or massive remixes for the likes of Fisherman & Hawkins and Markus Schulz himself, Neven has consistently gone from strength to strength developing an incredible discography.

This Is Parallels 006 with Dave Neven

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1. Dave Neven – Moon Shadow (DN’s Intro Edit)
2. Nifra feat Seri – Edge Of Time (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)
3. Daxson vs Armin Van Buuren – In And Out Of Persona (Dave Neven Mashup)
4.Holbrook & Skykeeper – Revival (Extended Mix)
5. Duderstadt – Muhanjala (Davey Asprey Extended Remix)
6. Claus Backslash – Insane Dreams (Extended Mix)
7. Dave Neven – A Trip Around The Sun (Extended Mix)
8. Gai Barone – Un-Theme (Harry Square Remix)
9. Robert Nickson – Heliopause (Original Mix)
10. Markus Schulz Pres Dakota – The Spirit Of The Warrior [Transmission 2017 Theme] (Extended Mix)
11. Arkham Knights – Fractured Future (Extended Mix)
12. Markus Schulz feat. Delacey – Favorite Nightmare (Fisherman & Hawkins Remix [Extended Mix])
13. Monoverse – Aftermath (Original Mix)

Parallels: You’ve been one of the most consistent producers we can think of. Tell us, what else does Dave Neven have in store for the world?

Dave Neven: So I am currently working on a lot of new music. I have several tracks ready to go and finishing up a new original vocal track at the moment. I am also very excited to announced that I did a remix of an older Sied Van Riel track that will be released soon on Rielism, as well as a remix coming out on Armada, but I can’t announce what that one is just yet.

Parallels: Which has been your favorite venue to play so far, and why?

Dave Neven: My favorite venue to play at would have to be Soundbar in Chicago. That is my home town so every time I go back for a show, all my friends from back home come out to party. The support from my hometown is absolutely incredible.

Parallels: Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?

Dave Neven: The creative process when starting a new track is always different for me. Sometimes I will start working on a melody first. Usually for me the chord progression is the first thing I work on. However, there has been times were I already have an idea of a top line melody in mind. In that case, I will make the top line first and then a chord progression under to compliment. Other times, I will start with the drums, percussion and baseline first and then just see where the track tacks me. There is really no specific creative process for me.

Parallels: What does your day to day schedule look like currently?

Dave Neven: Usually my day starts at about 9-10am-ish. (I am not a morning person) I go to the gym about 6 days a week. I am addicted to be honest. I love it because I usually spend 2 hours at the gym and Ill listen to various podcasts from trance artist and it gives me loads of ideas and inspiration. By the time that 2 hours hits at the gym I am itching to get into the studio and make some music. I head home and the first thing I do is make a protein smoothy with berries. It gives me energy after the 2 hours in the gym. If I don’t have work that day or errands to run, I will literally spend 10 hours straight in the studio. I get so ‘in the zone’ sometimes I even forget to eat. I will usually work till about midnight or so and then watch an episode of GoT or Stranger Things before going to sleep.

Parallels: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Dave Neven: My advice for aspiring artist would be this: When learning anything with music, whether it be production or mixing or playing live etc., DO NOT take any shortcuts. Learn the hard way! It will help you in the future and you will have a better understanding of the craft. If you’re new at production, mess around with different styles/genres, it will help you get a better understanding of how things are done. If you are learning how to mix, DO NOT hit that sync button, even better yet, learn on vinyl. When I was learning production, I would take songs and try to recreate them identically, so I could have a better understanding of how it was done. Search on Youtube “The XX – Intro Dave Neven Remake” (haha) Once you start getting a grasp of the craft, then focus in on the style that interest you. In music, you have to have dedication and persistence. For most, overnight fame will not happen, and it will be a long battle to get your name out there, but if you are dedicated and persistent, it will happen. I have always said, “its not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’.”

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