This is Parallels 017 with Dreamy

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01. Evgeny Lebedev ft. Kate Miles. Let Go (Dub Mix) Perfecto Records
02. Dark Matter – For The Better Anyways (Extended Mix) Create Strobe
03. ID – ID (JOOF)
04. Moshic – False Emotion (Airwave New School Breaks Remix) Bonzai Progressive
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Andrea Mazza Vs 4 Strings – Take Me To The Silence Of Times (Elie Rajha’s RAJH-UP)
06. Atlantic Wave – Kataklisma (Luca Antolini Original vs Hard Mix) Dreamy EDIT
07. Hampenberg – Desert Island (Dreamy Rework) CDR
08. David Forbes & Richard Durand – Coma (Original Mix) Damaged
09. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Sean Tyas 2016 Re Edit) CDR
10. 4 Strings & Cathy Burton – Safe In The Storm (Dreamy Emotional Remix) RNM / Amsterdam Trance
11. Daniel Kandi – What Happens When We End (Extended Mix) Always Alive

Parallels: Tell us, what’s new?
Dreamy: Got some new stuff coming on some of my favorite labels of all time. To name some of them, Coldharbour, JOOF, Always Alive, and an album I’m currently working on which is at its final stages at the moment. Then a Remix for 4 Strings, and some other remixes in the line as well that needs doing 🙂

Parallels: What artist, album, or song is a guilty pleasure for you?
Dreamy: My favorite album by far is “Progressive Progressed” by Markus Schulz, as I’m a huge fan of his works and my favorite song that’s going on at the moment would be Forerunners with “Relic” in the Max Graham Remix. Ever since i got that on promo its been an instant player for me

Parallels: Which has been your favorite venue to play so far, and why?
Dreamy: As the only venue i ́ve played at I have to say Luminosity! It was a massive, massive experience and definitely hope to come back again to play there. It’s a must go-to trance event and by far something I would recommend! Was very, very special for me to play and to experience the crowd and atmosphere

Parallels: Who would be your dream collaborator if you could work with any artist from any time?
Dreamy: Giuseppe Ottaviani! Been loving his live performance so much lately and love what he can do with his music and take it to a whole other level. Another artist I would love to work with again is Daniel Kandi. Have such a huge respect for what he does both as an artist and a best friend of mine 🙂

Parallels: Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?
Dreamy: Usually my process is I’m sitting in the studio and trying out new melodies or a beat that I feel inspired from. I would put a favorite tune of mine on and try to gather new ideas or even listen to some old trance classics and that’s really how I gather my ideas.
Friends and family is also a very important thing to me when producing music as its always nice to get ideas from good times


Parallels: What are some of your favorite synth or processing plugins at the moment?
Dreamy: I’m mostly running Sylenth, Omnisphere and Zebra, and sometimes also Massive depending of what I’m looking for in terms of sound.


Parallels: If you could change one (or more things) in the music industry, what would it be?
Dreamy: I feel like what the trance scene (or any other aspect of music) needs is more love and less bashing and people hating. I feel like there’s too much drama over music and it would be great if we were just in it for the love of music. That’s how I see it anyways.


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