This is Parallels 014 with Farid

This week, we see a guestmix from Farid ahead of his upcoming release on Parallels “Diamond Eyes” which you can hear in the mix below!


01. Tencode – Departure [Colorize]
02. Dan Sieg – Horizons (Blugazer Remix) [Silk]
03. Ferry Costen feat. Aruna – Live Forever (Solid Stone Remix) [Flashover]
04. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Solid Stone Remix) [CDR]
05. Farid & Hidden Tigress – Diamond Eyes [FSOE Parallels]
06. Mbase – Holding On [Sunset Melodies]
07. Entis – Lily [Emergent Shores]
08. Noise Zoo – Inkognito Beach (Alex Wright & Valiant Remix) [Emergent Shores]
09. Grum – Shining [Anjunabeats]
10. PARITY – Kamchatka [Digital Society]
11. Pablo Artigas – Patterns Like These [FSOE UV]

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Parallels: Tell us, what’s new?

Farid: Well, I just came out of my best year musically. Not only was 2017 the most productive year for me as an artist, but it was the year I started achieving things that have long been on my to-do list. Got my first ASOT support, made my FSOE debut, got my first major DJ gig supporting Aly & Fila, produced my first vocal track, and things are just getting started!

Parallels: Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?

Farid: Most times, things usually start with a chord progression I’d hear in my head, and I would then either hum the bass progression into my phone or open up my DAW and lay it down as fast as I can. I would then usually write a lead melody to go with it and then build a track around that. Funnily enough though, for my last single ‘Sand To Snow’ I started the track with some percussion and a bass-line and came up with the chords & melody halfway through the track, and it ended up being my most successful track to date…funny how it all works out! I usually mix as I go, then fine-tune/finalize the mix when everything is done; I find this to work best for me.

Parallels: Outside of electronic music, which other genres or artists do you find inspiring at the moment?

Farid: I’ve actually been a metalhead for the last 15 years, and so many times I’ve heard a rock/metal song that sparked a trance chord idea in my head. There are lots of metal bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Periphery that incorporate atmospheric elements into their music, and I find that to be a great source of inspiration for trance music.

Parallels: Everyone has their own view and process in dealing with producer’s block, how do you see and/or deal with it?

Farid: I actually went through a major producer block in 2015-2016. It was really frustrating because I had a lot of solid projects and ideas written but no motivation to work on them. Fast forward to end of 2016, I started a brand new project that was like nothing I’ve done before, and before I knew it ‘Diamond Eyes’ was born! I feel like the key to getting over that block was to try making something completely different from what I was used to, which opened up the gates of creativity once again.

Parallels: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Farid: As an aspiring artist myself, I think something any artist should know (aspiring or not) is how important networking is. Connect with peers in your scene, whether it be fellow producers, label managers, promoters, or especially bigger artists with heavy names in the scene. This is now easier than ever through e-mail, social media, or in person at various EDM events. Not only can you ask peers for feedback, but networking also helps widen your social circle and accelerates your progress in the scene.

Parallels: What can we look forward to seeing in the near future from you?

Farid:There’s a busy 2018 ahead of me with lots of planned collaborations, some with very big names and already underway. I’m working on becoming pushing out more music and look forward to building my profile with the FSOE family!

Parallels: Thanks for your time! Any last words you would like to share with the audience?

Farid: Thanks for having me! I want to first congratulate Santos (Monoverse) on all his success as well as launching Parallels under FSOE, We go way back, and it’s really nice to see a good friend and a great producer getting the well-deserved recognition and success! As for me, I’m active on social media, so please reach out to me on my socials and say hi, I read it all!


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