This is Parallels 012 with Slava V

This week, our podcast series continues with label boss, DJ, and producer Slava V. Despite dedicating most of his time and talent to heading up his Vasilek Records imprint, Slava V can still put together a great mix. What follows is a 1hr showcase of just some of the music you can find on his label. Guestmix and interview below!


This is Parallels 012 With Slava V


  1. Alex Rusin – In the Middle of Nowhere [Vasilek Records]
  2. Serge Landar – Darklight [Vasilek Records]
  3. Martin’s Effect & Motion Blue – Pandemonium [Vasilek Records]
  4. Emod – Discoveries [Vasilek Records]
  5. Rick Pier O’Neil – Shade Runner [Proton Music]
  6. Alter Future – Surreal Autumn [Vasilek Records]
  7. Enlusion & Slava V – The Portal [Vasilek Records]
  8. Evgeny Lebedev pres. Soul State – Split Decision [Vasilek Records]
  9. Slava V – Sunshine City [In Sessions Recordings]
  10. Legolas High – Sunny Day [Vasilek Records]
  11. Pablo Artigas – Lemuria (Alter Future Remix) [Enmotion Music]
  12. Woti Trela & Squarz Kamel – Viracocha [Vasilek Records]
  13. Legolas High – Young Garden [Vasilek Records]

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Parallels: Thanks for joining us Slava. We know you more from your label Vasilek Records, but occasionally you also put out some music. Tell us more about yourself.

Slava V: Music is what I know best. My brain is wired for music. Since I was 13 years old when I started music school and until 24 when I graduated from conservatory, music was the only important thing to me and it basically shaped a person that I have become.

A lot of different stuff happened since I moved to the United States from Ukraine, but finally in 2013 I was able to devote some good time to deep dive into ProTools. Why ProTools?  I already had some experience with it in college. After experimenting and playing around I created my first track “On the Loose”. Then I tried to do a vocal track and my experiments led to “One Last Time”. Since I was not successful signing these tracks, I decided to self-release them by opening my own label. Everybody’s story is different, but now you know how Vasilek Records was born.

Then, there was another track I started after getting inspired by watching Markus Schulz playing Mark Sherry’s “Trailblazer” on Ultra Miami. Only to be interrupted by a new day job. After almost 2 years “Sunshine City” was finished and signed to In Sessions Recordings. This time I was not rushing to release it. It was another experiment for me. I wanted to create a track that I myself was happy with and it took me some 42 file versions believe it or not. All the bets paid off – “Sunshine City” reached #3 on Corsten’s Countdown. You can hear it in this mix.

With my daily routine, I found that running a label is a more feasible operation for me than producing. Utilizing my music expertise, I am glad to be able to help emerging artists with some aspects of music writing. This approach also pays off as some well-established artists turn to Vasilek Records to handle their releases as well, bringing the extra attention.

Parallels: Yes, you have Rick Pier O’Neil, Wellenrausch, Danilo Ercole on your label among the well-known names. But, what are the new names we should be on the lookout for that are making a difference for your label right now?

Slava V:  Oh, there is quite a few talented producers that I’d like to mention just because they deserve more recognition than they actually have. In trance, they are: Alter Future, Legolas High, Woti Trela, Squarz Kamel… In the deeper progressive space: Alex Rusin, Serge Landar, Martin’s Effect, Enlusion, Evgeny Lebedev. And also, Jackob Rocksonn, who is now seen more and more behind the decks rocking the festival crowds.

Parallels: That’s another question we wanted to ask you. Your label seems to mix multiple genres under one umbrella. You don’t have sub-labels like everybody else. For example, just in this mix we heard some deeper progressive as well as some mainstage tunes. Why is that?

Slava V: I choose tracks that would fit in an open to close solo set that I imagine. If people come to a set like that and stay from start till end, I think they wouldn’t mind to follow a label that releases both the vibe setting tracks and the ultimate bangers.

Parallels: Where can we see you play and what new can we expect in the near future?

Slava V:  You can expect to see new names on Vasilek Records in 2018 as well as our signature releases. Also, check out my monthly radio show Vasilek Sessions on Progressive Beats Radio where I premiere our new music along with tracks that make a big impression on me. You can also listen to all the previous episodes on my SoundCloud page and iTunes Podcast.

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