This Is Parallels 009 with Melih Kor

One of the most forward thinking artists of the moment, Melih Kor, takes over our This Is Parallels series with an undeniably enjoyable masterclass in groove, flow, and energy. Combining rhythmic progressive house and trance, Melih showcases his amazing ear for unforgettable hooks and funky beats.

This Is Parallels 009 with Melih Kor

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01. Melih Kor – Signature Code [Excelsior]
02. Blu Mar Ten – Home Videos (Terry Lee Brown Remix) [Plastic City]
03. Sunshine Jones – If You Wouldn’t Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix) [Nite Grooves]
04. Point Blank – Meng´s Theme (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix) [Gem Records]
05. Nocturna – Pigmental [Proton Music]
06. Johannes Heil – EXILE 007 B2 [EXILE]
07. Benjamin Damage – UP [50 Weapons]
08. Jeremy Olander – Gattaca [Vivrant]
09. Tonja Holma – Spanish Delight [Pryda Presents]
10. Kölsch – Grey [Kompakt]

Parallels: Thanks for joining us! What’s new in the world of Melih Kor?

Melih Kor: Ahhh lot´s of things! My latest track “Signature Code” just came out on 15th December. Got an amazing feedback from all the people out there! Also signed a track with Armada/Cloud9, but more infos later about that. And I just finished the follow up for Night Rider! This one is even bigger, heavier and designed to play in big venues.

Other than that, setting up myself for this year, I started also with a new concept for my socials to combine art and music.

Parallels: We know there are no real secrets to music production, but what are some tips you can share with aspiring producers eager to learn?

Melih Kor: In my opinion people should reflect themselves first. Talent and self awareness are extremely important, if not the most important aspect of music production or general in anything.
I needed a long time to reflect on things where I am good and bad at and so I can only recommend other people to go through this process and decide the best for themselves.

If you know that music is really really really your thing and you will keep doing this with much love, put 110% of hard work and passion into this craft. You will change your and other peoples lives for the better, guaranteed!

This is the advice I can give and what I found out what works for me, the rest of the way is tailored for the individual.

Parallels: If we looked at your bookshelf or e-reader, what would we find?

Melih Kor: I have a lot of books and I love to read about philosophical and personal development topics. For example authors I really like are Dale Carnegie, Osho, Rumi & Napoleon Hill. Also just got today “Die Traumdeutung” by Sigmund Freud.

Parallels: Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?

Melih Kor: I honestly don´t have a specific process in writing music. I just do and experiment. I don´t think much about how things should be and so letting go and being in the present moment with my craft is the most important thing on writing music for me. The rest flows naturally. If this doesn´t happen, I take a break, go out for a walk or take a nap. Then I am back again.

I tried in the past to sound specific like this and that, but always I felt myself resisting these “forced” ideas. So I dumped everything except the raw idea and created something, what came from my heart – as cheesy as this sound.

The results were astonishing and in general the (right) people will love you for staying true to yourself. Like Snoop Dog said, once you be you, who could be you, but you?

Parallels: Thanks for your time! Any last words you would like to share with the audience?

Melih Kor: I´d like to give a big ‘thank you’ to everybody and everyone who keeps supporting me and supported me in the past. I am really thankful for the love I get for my craft. It always fulfills me, when I see that I enriched other people´s lives with my music and art.Hope to see you maybe somewhere around the globus 🙂

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