This Is Parallels 008 with Mike Squillo

New York’s Mike Squillo might be best known for his uplifting and tech-trance releases with Digital Society, Always Alive and Discover, but has since reinvented his musical self. Since his Tomorrowland performance, Squillo has hit musical stride in blending styles across the musical spectrum from deep progressive, through to techno and trance influences. This episode of This Is Parallels is the perfect showcase in his exploration of boundary-breaking musical themes.

This Is Parallels 008 with Mike Squillo

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01. Idham – Akhir (Hot TuneiK Remix)
02. Marcelo Vasami – Micro Diamond
03. Tone Depth & Ampish – Marathon (Ziger Remix)
04. Ghoeyash – Green Sense (Greenage Remix)
05. Rise & Fall – Open System (Original Mix)
06. Julian Rodriguez – Ulinpit Disconnection (Paul Hamilton Remix)
07. Xander – Through The Looking Glass (Original Mix)
08. Shdw & Obscure Shape – Die Wiederkehr (Original Mix)
09. Dystopia vs Deepbass & Rapart – Introversion Prelude (Mike Squillo Mashup)
10. Mike Squillo vs Planisphere – ID Symphotek (Mike Squillo Mashup)
11. Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona (Airwave Remix)

Parallels: Thanks for taking over the podcast and interview series! Tell us, what’s new?

Mike Squillo: Starting the year off with some new releases soon. Taking it slow and putting out releases that I truly believe in, taking my time with each track.

Parallels: Which has been your favorite venue to play so far, and why?

Mike Squillo: I don’t have an absolute favorite venue. My top three have to be Brooklyn Warehouse, Cielo, and the Wind tunnel stage at Tomorrowland.

Parallels: ​Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?

Mike Squillo: I don’t have a set process, but what works best for me is starting with a melody and building the foundation up from there. On off days I like to sound design and that sometimes leads into making a full length track just from experimenting.

Parallels: We know there are no real secrets to music production, but what are some tips you can share with aspiring producers eager to learn?

Mike Squillo: Practice practice practice! I cannot stress that enough. There is no race going on or deadline if you’re still an aspiring producer. Take the time to learn how to make music from the ground up (EQ, compression, mixing, etc) then from there, learn composition. It will take time, but the time is worth it.

Parallels: What has been the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a nightclub or music festival you’ve played at?

Mike Squillo: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe =X

Parallels: How do you balance music production with the rest of your personal life?

Mike Squillo: I’m still trying to figure this out! I try to put some time into music on weekends as much as I can along with being productive for that time. So hard trying to spark a light of inspiration after a full work week.

Parallels: What can we look forward to seeing in the near future from you?

A new release on a very special label is coming out soon. I’m really looking forward to that, and I have a couple of other tunes in the pipeline that I’m taking my time with. All should be released in 2018 😉

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