This Is Parallels 002 with Andromedha

Hosting the second episode of our podcast and interview series is Poland’s Patryk Solecki, better known as Andromedha. His releases with labels like Pure Progressive, JOOF, and Silk Music have continually blurred the lines between trance and house, developing a unique sound full of depth and character.

This Is Parallels 002 with Andromedha

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Parallels: Thanks for joining us Patryk! You’ve been on fire with consistent releases on Pure Progressive, JOOF, Silk and more. Tell us, whatโ€™s new?

Andromedha: Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing great. Well actually there’s plenty going on for me at the minute, constantly busy with new projects since I came back from Netherlands after playing Luminosity Beach Festival. Recently met many new people at ADE, as well as some old friends (it was my first ADE ever) and gotta say I had an amazing time there, but now back in Krakow, and like I’ve said before I’m keeping myself very busy as I’m getting quite an amount of various requests from the labels and other artists.

You might have heard of some new tracks of mine lately which made it to 2 compilations I’ve been always big fan of – Pure Trance and Silk Music Showcase – and I’m super proud of them both, especially that “Why We Fall” featured on the former one will be out on a limited edition vinyl, which honestly I’ve never ever thought will happen. Also the support from fans and other DJ’s for this track is quite unreal, plays from Aly & Fila, Solarstone, Fatum or Susana to name a few and breaking into the top 40 trance tracks on Beatport is something I was actually a bit too shy to think about a year ago…

Apart from making originals I sat down to work on some remixes as well, the first one, made for Stupid Experts’ “Full Moon Rising” was released on JOOF Aura and it got some amazing feedback and radio plays from Airwave, Max Graham, Jaytech or Vintage & Morelli…even Mr. Monoverse himself played it (many thanks for this!). The second remix of mine released lately for the legends of 90’s trance, York & Ramon Zenker aka Hardfloor. That was an absolute honor to put my hands on a track from these guys and released on label older than some of our readers – because launched in 1992 – Planet Love Records.

Also planning some big things for the next year but it’s all still in the works so can’t say more about that for the time being. It’s also very encouraging for me to see how the community around my radio show Progressions Radio is growing and how people interact with me during the broadcast and later when an episode goes up online to the streaming platforms, love when people tell me where they listen to the show and how it becomes a soundtrack of their day to day activities. Oh and I’ve just launched my website which is another thing which keeps me busy (yes I do music, graphics and even this myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Parallels: Which has been your favorite venue to play so far, and why?

Andromedha: Obviously that is Beachclub Fuel in Bloemendaal an Zee! I think it’s already become an iconic venue in the trance world as it is the club gathering people from all around the world for some Luminosity Beach Festival madness every June. The vibe there, the location and eveyrything about it, it’s pretty magical to me and I’ll never forget when I was there first time and saw how people on the dancefloor, which was packed to the maximum, were dancing at sunset on the beach.

Parallels: Who would be your dream collaborator if you could work with any artist from any time?

Andromedha: Frankly speaking I’ve been asked this question a lot of times so far and I think I’ll be a bit more original now by answering this: Hans Zimmer. Half a year ago I had a chance to see his “Hans Zimmer On Tour” in Krakow and it was all breathtaking – I love dance music but having said that I think I might reach a certain point in my life when I’ll eventually feel burnt out and will decide to take my career on a bit different path. I’m a big fan of film scores, especially those from Hans and his soundtrack for The Dark Knight is a classic in my own collection – would be so much keen on working with him on a film score in the future.

Parallels: Can you walk us through your creative process in writing new music?

Andromedha: This creative process is all dependent on the type of the track I’m working on, so whether that’s an original or a remix, but the very core, the foundation of everything for me is the melody, with which I usually if not every time, start the project. I’d say it’s much more complex for my originals since I don’t have any elements ready, so first I write the main melody, then do some sound design, then refine the melody and then refine the notes or chords, to finally build the whole climax of the track. After I have a draft of this part, I proceed to the breakdown, leaving the build-up and the outro for the end.

In the meantime I start the mix-down of the track and to be fair it’s a never-ending process as there’s always something which can sound better, hence it’s very often it’s a matter of telling myself to stop and leave it as it is. I tend to make all my tracks sound different than the ones made in the past, and I used to always start with blank canvas but now I use some of my old (say 6 months old) project’s arrangement structures to speed up the whole process (for example for percussion as it greatly improves my workflow).

I’m constantly trying to learn something new and challenge myself, whether that’s studying some new synthesis techniques, effects and thinking about using them in new ways or searching for the new samples or even going outside of the studio with my iPhone to capture some field recordings from various places around. Even though it’s 6th year of making music for me, I still find it fun, entertaining and it’s an exciting journey every time I sit down to work on a new project. It’s pretty hard to describe with words but least to say I love to do it and I love to spin my own records in the club and see people’s enthusiasm when they hear it for the first time and don’t know it’s my track. I can say I live for such moments.

Parallels: What has been an event that has defined (or re-defined) your personal direction in music?

Andromedha: I think not completely re-defined but deffo showed me another approach and inspired me to add a new layer and meaning to what I do in music, and this was watching Above & Beyond’s first Acoustic show in 2014. That pure and true emotion they created with this really unique performance trigged something rather new in my musical alter-ego, resulting in me working on more melodic and positive music than I had ever worked on before and I think it’s clearly audible now as well – I’m open about the fact I don’t want to limit myself just to one particular genre or style and create both music which is considered as dark and more euphoric or uplifting.

Last year I have a chance to witness the trio’s performance live with my fiance – and this is another beautiful story and evening I’ll never forget as the woman of my life isn’t that much into EDM but she totally loved this show and was absolutely absorbed by the music. Moments like these keep you motivated and ensure you that this music has a very special meaning and it really matters to the world.

If I had to pick one more moment from the past which is very memorable to me and shaped me as an artist I think it was the winter of 2007 when I’ve first heard some of the Markus Schulz’s records, including “Daydream” on the national FM radio, this was something really fresh and intriguing I couldn’t resist it and wanted to follow this sound for some time.

Parallels: Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Andromedha: Believe me or not but I still consider myself as one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰ so let me treat this question as an advice to younger me: work even harder than what you think your definition of working hard is, read as much as you can about the music industry, watch music production tutorials online, go support the local electronic music scene and meet the real people, not their Facebook avatars but most of all – believe in what you do and always be true to yourself, because without this you’ll easily get lost. And of course I won’t be very original with saying: practice, practice, practice as it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to achieve even small things in this industry. Also don’t be afraid to invest your money in this (be it new records, software or business travels) – if you are serious about it then it’ll pay off in the future.

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