This Is Parallels 001 with Dezza

Launching our combined podcast and interview series is one of the most prolific progressive producers of the moment, Derek ‘Dezza‘ Silvester.  Although based in Canada, there’s an undeniably enjoyable warmth to each and every release of his with quality imprints such as Zerothree, Colorize, and Silk Music. Dezza has continually leaped from strength to strength, always landing in the playlists of renowned artists across the electronic music spectrum. Please enjoy the first episode of our ‘This Is Parallels‘ podcast, and read on more to find out about the incredible artist that is Dezza!

This Is Parallels 001 with Dezza

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Parallels:​ Thank you for being the first to host this podcast and interview series! You’re one of the most productive artists we’ve seen, could you walk us through your creative process in writing all that new music?

Dezza:  I mostly always start with a melodic idea.  I like to use an old program called paulstretch. It allows you to stretch out small samples and it turns them in to pretty cool sounding drones and pads.  I like building around a key center and try to weave everything else around that base of the idea.

Parallels:​ ​What does your day to day schedule look like currently?

Dezza:  Work work work work, music music music music. Repeat. I actually work full time right now in the airline industry.  The 4 on 4 off schedule allows me to devote lots of time towards music, and also travelling.  During my music days, I usually take my dog on a good hike and take in some of the beauty of Eastern Canada.  On the way home I will grab a coffee and then get to work. After a few hours, go on another hike and repeat the process.

Parallels:​ Who would be your dream collaborator if you could work with any artist from any time?

Dezza:  That is a really tough question.  I generally like to collaborate with people that I have a good connection with.  Most people would say they would like to collab with big names, but, what if they are assholes?  I like to work with like minded people that are tuned in to the forward progression of electronic music. Each and every collaboration that follows that formula is a dream collaboration.

Parallels:​ ​Outside of electronic music, which other genres or artists do you find inspiring at the moment?

Dezza:  I am totally in to film music right now.  I would love to be a part of scoring something some day.

Parallels:​ What artist, album, or song is a guilty pleasure for you?

Dezza:  I am not a fan of pop music whatsoever, but believe it or not – Katy Perry gets me fired up.

Parallels:​ ​In past performances, have you ever had an off night?

Dezza:  Not really an off night, but a funny story. I had a New Years gig years ago and my friend Smitty was in the booth with me.  Him and I are both huge Eric Prydz fans.  I played “Liberate” and when the drop came in, my head went down, and his went up resulting in a 2 inch gash above my right eye, blood, the whole works.  I should have gotten medical attention but hey, the show must go on!

Parallels:​ ​What has been an event that has defined (or re-defined) your personal direction in music?

Dezza:  I was mainly in to hip hop, until one day back in 2005 (I think?). I ended up at a club in Bucharest, Romania called Kristal Glam and the DJ’s name was John Digweed.  Need I say more?

Parallels:​ ​Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Dezza: Don’t be a dick.

Parallels:​ What can we look forward to seeing in the near future from you?

Dezza: Lots of new music in the pipeline right now!  Currently working on an EP for Zerothree for early 2018.  Also an artist album with Colorize is going to happen in 2018.

Parallels:​ Thanks for your time! Any last words you would like to share with the audience?

Dezza:  Thank you for having me and I hope everyone enjoys the guest mix! Please connect on socials, I read everything and hope to hear from you all soon!


01. ID – ID
02. Paul Thomas, Dylhen – Diablo [UltraViolet]
03. Rolo Green & Jay Stephens – Sandbach (Rolo Green Remix) [Greenstone]
04. FlyBoy feat. Gavrielle – Iceland (Kydus Remix) [Ego]
05. Lee Fraser – ID [White]
06. Grum – Inflight [Anjunabeats]
07. Capa feat. Clara Sofie – Breathe [Zerothree]
08. Yotto – Edge Of Affection [Anjunadeep]
09. Dezza – AC35 [Colorize]
10. PROFF & 8Kays – Arcology [Zerothree]
11. Pete K – Alegoria [Release Records]
13. Anden – Apologies [Euphonic Visions]

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